PS. It’s FREE SHIPPING FRIDAY! So if you’re anything like me, you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet… Here is a little last minute gift guide!

1. EXPERIENCES. I dont know how many times I can preach this, unless the person you’re shopping for has specifically asked for an item they want/need — invest in an experience for them. Whether it is for you + them, or just them — experiences are some of the best gifts I have gotten. SO,

  • TICKETS (Concert, Game, Skydiving — this also shows that you know their interests!)
  • SPA DAY.
  • A GETAWAY (Obviously this can be expensive, but you can also look into weekend trips via Airbnb or Tentrr)

2. FAVORITES. Now I know often people want to get some huge great gift for a person, but I think if you put together a box/basket/or whatever of all of their favorite things (ie. candy, cosmetics, tees, gift cards, photos of you two — anything that brings them joy — how can they not love it?! Oh and sprinkle in some lottery scratch offs, always a good time.

3. SUNNIES. Now this works for men and women. Nothing pulls together an outfit or hides the night before like sunglasses. This is often a great gift for the person who has everything, because there is always a new style. A few of my favs:



4. TECH. I really think there is nothing better than a tech gift that is exciting but also useful! While I think there was nothing insanely ‘MUST-HAVE’ this year (maybe the iPhone X?) here are some solid gifts for you last minute shoppers to take advantage of Free Shipping Friday! You may think that the tile is not a cool gift, but when your friend or loved one finds their keys after ‘misplacing’ them for the 1000th time, they’ll love you for it.

Happy Holidays my loves!!



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