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“eat dessert, be a monster”

I’ve never agreed with any company’s tagline more!

I miss California already, and especially the adorable sweets created at Snow Monster. My three favorites all in one place : macarons, ice cream, AND cotton candy…

This was also the best boba tea I have ever had. Snow monster’s adorable lightbulb glass is filled with a cold drink of your choice + fresh tapioca balls (not the popping kind), then topped with a cloud of freshly spun cotton candy with your topping sprinkled on top. I chose freshly brewed jasmine milk tea. So soo good.

They also have chocolate-chip-cookie-covered-Oreo cookies that could be used for the ice cream sandwiches as well. I chose the macarons with delicious green tea and vanilla ice cream. They also have “snow” which is shaved ice infused with flavors such as green tea, etc.

If you’re in California or will be visiting soon — put this on your must-eat list.




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