This may be the first time Lush is on SHORT & SWEET but I can promise it will not the last time.

I am a bit late to the game with trying bath bombs…

Not sure how it has taken be 22 years — but if you have not tried one yet, go buy one right now. Not only are they fun to watch fizz, but they smell delicious. They make me want to take baths every single day. The ‘sex bomb’ from LUSH is my favorite BB at the moment.

LUSH cosmetics are 100% vegetarian, absolutely no animal testing, handmade, support ethical buying, and do not have a tremendous amount of wasteful packaging. This brand is doing EVERYTHING right.

Bath bombs, or any LUSH products, make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, really any occasion.

Let me know your thoughts about LUSH in the comments below!



I’ve linked some alternatives to LUSH below!


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