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So this may be the first item of pink clothing I own — hot pink, magenta, deep pink… whatever you want to call it — and I think I’m likin’ it. These are the circumstances under which hot pink works for me:

  1. Being on vacation.
  2. Having a tan.
  3. Being on an island.

There are people who can wear magenta and rock it, but it is definitely not my favorite color. I originally had the dress paired only with the orange silk shirt tied around my waist — but I then had to throw on my army green Patterson J Kincaid vest to tone down the bright colors. This vest, which also has snap-on sleeves, is one of my favorite pieces. I think I wore it every other day on this vacation. It’s a definite a staple piece and I’ll be wearing it through the fall season.

I go from not really being a fan of color to wearing three at once… makes perfect sense…!

However, I did love this outfit.

I had bought this clear embellished bag from Nasty Gal two years ago and never got around to wearing it — so this was the perfect outfit. It accented the orange shirt around my waist and kept with original color scheme.

THE SHOES. Ugh I am so glad 90’s fashions are creeping back in. These chunky, white sandals were one of my favorite finds while shopping for this vacation. I do wish they had two horizontal straps across my ankles and toes instead of a vertical one — but the other ones didn’t have the tread grooved bottoms, so these ended up winning.

And of course I had on tons of rings & ice cream makes a great accessory too. ; )



Dress: AQUA

Shirt: Vince Camuto

Vest: Patterson J Kincaid

Shoes: Steve Madden (similar)

Bag: Nasty Gal


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