The secret to happiness: bringing your dogs on vacation with you.

Meet Nova & Nero. Both rescue pups, both born in Alabama. Nova — the white one — is a Catahoula Leopard Dog (mix I am assuming — she was found stray). Nero — which translates to black in Italian — is a basset hound and labrador mix. We call him our little Bassador.

Nova is rambunctious at times, but super loyal and protective of her family. She is our little athlete. While Nero is a little stockier and dopey — he keeps up with Nova very well. Nero loves EVERYBODY and when he sees you coming he wags his tail so hard that his whole body wiggles back and forth. I’m shocked he hasn’t already broken his back due to excitement.

Martha’s Vineyard is a dog-friendly island and the perfect place to vacation with pups! Nova & Nero went on bike rides, runs, and experienced the beach for the first time during this vacation!

The last few pictures I obviously didn’t take since I was in them, but the pups are way too cute not to share.

If you or anybody you know is looking for a furry addition to their family — I urge you to adopt rather than buy a puppy. There are so many puppies and older dogs that need to be rescued from horrible living conditions or even being euthanized. If you or anybody you know is interested in adopting a pup, please comment below or email me at laynemichellefable@gmail.com. I will gladly put you in touch with the recuse agency we got these little angels from!



To check out more of Nova & Nero Fable’s lives CLICK HERE!


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