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Twenty layers of crêpes may sound way too filling — but it isn’t when it’s done right.

 I found Lady M’s Boutique while exploring the neighborhood where I am interning. I unknowingly had enjoyed it before at my favorite sushi spot — Momoya.

With 20 super thin crepes layered with green tea mousse, this Green Tea Mille Cake is the absolute perfect compliment to a meal or a cup of tea. I suggest the Mint Verbena tea coupled with the cake. Although Lady M has a different suggestion… #click.

This Lady M is located on W 40th St., facing Bryant Park. The floor-to-ceiling windows in the front allows for you to window-shop for your cake, which is nice because I have never been to Lady M without waiting on a line.

I can’t wait to try their Strawberry Shortcake next!




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