Favorite meal in Tampa, by far.

Hey guys — I didn’t get to post this last week due to a smashed phone + traveling. But here’s a little throwback to last week’s FL trip…

We decided to stop into Cask because it was monsooning and we were starving. My first impression, which was solely based on their self-proclaimed “social kitchen” and Edison lightbulb details, was a great one. Then the drinks + food came…

The cocktail on the left was named ‘Black Bubbles’ so of course I had to have it. The first taste we had was the Herbed Chicken Flatbread. The picture is so lame because we were deliriously hungry and ate it in under 2 minutes.

My first time having Chicken and Waffles… and I don’t think anywhere else will ever top it. Then I had the Truffled Mac n Cheese because I will never say ‘No’ to Mac n Cheese.

Annnnnnd now I’m dreaming of this food…




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