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Obsessed is an understatement.

I got the DJI Phantom 4 for my birthday and was so excited/nervous/amazed, it almost crippled me. I was ecstatic when I opened this gorgeous piece of technology. And then, it didn’t leave the box for the next three days.

Amazed with my self-control, I held off the first flight until I studied all of the educational material and watched a TON of tutorials on YouTube. Then I finally mustered up the courage to fly this baby. And by fly… I mean have it go 10ft off the ground — hover — then land again. I felt super accomplished.

With my first flight out of the way, I was ready to test out some of the amazing intelligent features this drone has. So far my favorite is the ‘Follow Me’ mode. While I have only experimented with it in my front yard (and it almost got too friendly with a tree ((seen in the video below))), I can’t wait to capture amazing footage with this feature. Another incredible is the ‘Return to Home’ feature. This feature allows you to set a return altitude for the drone to automatically reach and fly back and land within a 5 ft. radius of its initial takeoff point.

Even with all of these intelligent features, I still get nervous. I mean I get seriously nervous every time I lift this Phantom 4 off of the ground. Anyways… I’ll rant some more in upcoming blogs + vlogs about how much I love this thing but for now here is the footage from the first couple flights!!

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