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So it’s not even my birth month anymore, but this birthday dinner was worthy of a post on SHORT & SWEET.  Velo is a cozy restaurant tucked away in the village of Nyack, New York.

I have not stopped thinking (or talking) about their Chianti Risotto with Black Truffle — and I cannot wait to go back.

First, Kev and I shared steamed muscles which had a great, bread-dipping-worthy sauce. Kevin got the house-made gnocchi with a lamb bolognese sauce with Pecorino Romano. His dish was delicious but I honestly don’t think anything can compare to this risotto. The deep purple form the Chianti red wine is stunning. #IOnlyEatPrettyThings Not only was it aesthetically pleasing, but it was the creamiest, richest, most-decidant tasting dish I have had… maybe ever. While I do think I could’ve gotten away with ordering the half portion, I ended up cleaning the plate of the full size. Not too surprised. I do recommend ordering the half size so you don’t have to steal the mini bike in the front window to roll yourself out.

They are also a wine bar! So I recommend the Malbec, but that is simply because it is my favorite. And while it did pair nicely with our (because let’s face it I ate some of Kevin’s dinner as well — sorry Kev!) main dishes, I am no sommelier. So you can always ask them for pairing recommendations.

I forget our waiter’s name, but he was absolutely amazing. Very attentive, and had a nice sense of humor as well. And as I say in most of my FOOD posts, the service can really make or break a dining experience.

I recommend this place for a Fall dinner! Now that summer is over, the heavy risotto and gnocchi won’t make you feel so guilty.






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