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After hiking the LABYRINTH + LEMON SQUEEZE TRAIL, we stopped for a well-deserved beer and some nachos.

We stopped in the adorable town of New Paltz to grab a bite to eat. The Gilded Otter is an award-winning brewery and pub with adorable patio seating that looks out towards the mountains.

Their specialty brews were incredible, and I can attest to all since I got “The Beer Garden” — a 3 oz. taste of each of their specialty beers. Absolutely perfect for someone who is indecisive because they want to try everything, like me.

My two favorites were the Back Porch Summer Lager and the Hefeweizen. They were my favorites because they’re the two sweetest on the menu. Back Porch Summer Lager is their famous blueberry lager served with wild blueberries that danced in your glass. The Hefeweizen is “a true German unfiltered wheat ale, [with] refreshing flavors of clove and banana”. This one had such strong notes of banana you have to be crazy about bananas to drink more than 3 oz. of it, but it is unlike any beer I’ve ever tasted. It’s perfect for summer!

The waiter said he’s never seen anyone finish their nachos… #challengeaccepted. We polished those off with some wings as well.

If you’re there earlier in the day than we were, make sure to checkout the Water Street Market. It is an adorable line of shops, mini bars, and places to grab dessert right across from The Gilded Otter. There is also little outdoor seating next to a little rock garden. I’m definitely stopping at The Cheese Plate the next time I make it up to New Paltz.




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