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Daytop Samaritan Kitchen Fare

Calling on all of SHORT & SWEET’s foodie readers…

This upcoming Saturday — September 17 — there will be a NYC food festival on 9th Ave via Clearwater Festival Production! Make your way to 9th Ave and eat your way up and down the avenue between 42nd St & 55th St. The festival begins at 10am and will go until 6pm.

It is like a ~*~short and sweet~*~ version of our two-day food festival every May : 9th Ave International Food Festival. Except this one is even better because the weather has cooled off a bit which equals (what I like to call) perfect eating weather.

I will be working under Poseidon Bakery‘s (the fan bam’s bakery) blue tent!

See you guys Saturday!



P.S. Whether you’ve never had spanakopita or it’s your all-time favorite: it is a must-have this weekend!


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