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Dishes dreamt up daily and made the freshest ingredients from their farms, specialty oven built in Italy, inventive pizzas and pastas — Prato is a must when in Winter Park, Fl.

Not only does Prato have delicious menu items, but the atmosphere felt made me feel like I was right back in Manhattan. The open kitchen, accent wall filled with lush green plants and white orchids, and vintage Edison bulbs all contributed to the warm, sophisticated vibe. However, I do think the TVs seemed out of place…

My godfather, his girlfriend, and I shared everything family-style which is by far the best way to eat (MORE FOOD TO TRY!!).

I started with an Italian Citrus Aperitivo. Made with Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka, Aperol, House Made Lemonade, Pomegranate Juice — it was fresh, light, and delicious. Then we shared the Prato Meatballs, Fiorentina Pizza, and an order of Mustard Spaghettini. Yes, mustard infused pasta seems odd, but don’t knock it until you try it — it was crazy good. But for me, nothing is better than a delicious pizza. The Fiorentina was a take on a white pizza and had the perfect combination of arrowhead spinach crema, la quercia speck, fontina fontal — baked in the special wood burning oven.

Another refreshing cocktail the Cetriolo — Crop Cucumber Organic Vodka, Agave, Lime, White Cranberry, Basil. Then we also had the Teres Major Bistecca and the tiramisu to finish… safe to say we all left stuffed and happy.





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