I’ve put basically  e v e r y t h i n g  above working out lately and it’s not like me.

I’m either working out six, even seven, days a week — sometimes twice a day — or I’m sitting on my laptop, eating, and making up every excuse under the sun not to run/lift/spin. And I don’t consider walking my dogs a workout. I’m talking about can’t breathe, sweating, about to throw up, can’t move the next day workouts. Shoutout to my trainer Gina @ Body Chem for always kicking my ass. For some reason I love torturing myself through exercise. It’s like punishment for the obsession I have with sugar + food in general.

I’ve toyed with the idea of trying a juice cleanse to maybe re-start my healthy ways.. but I’ve always thought (and honestly still do think) that it will be impossible with my love for food. (If you think I’m being really dramatic — I sort of am, but my love for food is pretty serious @canttalk_eating).

So… I recruited the second-biggest, possibly bigger, foodie than me — the person who taught me the art of cooking, eating, enjoying, and really just everything about food : my Dad! (Marky Mark as I refer to him on social media most of the time)

We are setting out to torture ourselves for two days straight. Because lets face it… we would probably never make a three or five day juice cleanse… so we opted for two days. Now some people who don’t know us too well may say, “it’s only two days, that’s nothing” or “that’s so easy, it’s not even a ‘real’/’full’ cleanse”. But IF you do not know us let me break it down for you:

 >>We wake up, think about food. Make some (delicious) food. Enjoy the cooking process. Photograph our creations (@canttalk_eating @mark.fable).While eating the food… Talk about other food we want to make & eat later. Cook. Eat more food x4. Go get ice cream. Sleep + dream of exotic food. Repeat.<<

watch the drama unfold here

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For realz: taking bets on how long each of us last–

How long do you think Marky Mark and I will last on this juice cleanse?

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  • DAY 1 : DINNERTIME (13%, 2 Votes)
  • DAY 1 : LUNCHTIME (7%, 1 Votes)

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