I mean, they’re called Fat Kid Fries, you know they’re going go to be good…

While visiting family in New Smyrna Beach this past holiday weekend, we went out to dinner and I saw something on the menu that I could not pass up. Along with the regular apps of a beach town — such as, fried calamari, guacamole, fish tacos — I came across a dish that I’m not sure why I hadn’t though of myself.

Fat Kid Fries.

I really just like saying their name…

But the concept isn’t hard, basically load up your fries with a bunch of toppings + cheese + sauce. Except these were special. Loaded with : beer cheese. bacon. chipotle ranch. and chopped chives. They’re killer. While I’m not sure if it’s only me, but I have never heard of beer cheese — so I quickly Googled that :


While I am not sure exactly how they made their beer cheese — I found a recipe that sounds delicious HERE. I would bake the fries, out of convenience of cooking at home. Also, feel free to add even more toppings to your ~*~Fat Kid Fries~*~.

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