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I would do anything for pizza. Including flying three large Chicago deep dish pizza pies home with me on the plane!

Check out my SHORT & SWEET vlog from Chicago. Although it was a quick trip, I got to see some of the best parts of the city, and ate delicious food! (Individual restaurant blogs will be live this week!)


Check out my SHORT & SWEET vlog from Chicago. I brought my Canon EOS1D which made it incredibly hard to turn and talk to the camera but I will be investing in a lighter vlogging camera soon!

I went with Lou Malnati’s Pizza. Which was highly recommended by many of you on Facebook! Thank you all for your suggestions, and next time I will make sure to try other pizzerias.

Let me know your favorite part of Chicago is in the comments below! & Please subscribe to my YT channel and give this video a thumbs up!




PS. I am obsessed with each individual piece I wore/tagged below! Also, this dress is on sale right now! Nicole Miller is the best!

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