GUYS. I just applied for the best job on the planet. THIRDHOME style. I kid you not, I haven’t been this excited, anxious, or hopeful since… forever.

While I was dreaming up all the different ways my 1 minute video could go — I decided my choppy yet charming vlogs are very… me (yes, I may have just called myself charming). I, of course, had to add some Phantom 4 drone footage because seeing the world via birds-eye-view never gets old to me. Also, I still feel like a badass every time I fly that thing.

So you may ask why I am walking all around my house in this video application…

If you haven’t heard of THIRDHOME, they are the Uber of homes with the luxury status of JetSmarter. THIRDHOME offers a membership where you allow your vacation home to be utilized by other members while you are not occupying it. And in exchange, you get to chose from thousands of luxury properties all over the world. So this job entails visiting these homes and showcasing them through photography, videography, and blogging. I swear it’s as if I made up this job description myself.

This is such an incredible service since vacation homes often sit, untouched, for months at a time. Being the travel-addict that I am, this also means seeing more places!! And from what I hear, at a much more reasonable price but you still get the 5-star accommodations.

You can read more + apply for a membership on their website! Please check out my submission below (and say a prayer for me ?)!

My 1 min video application

You have 24 hours left to apply!! Get to it!

JOB DESCRIPTION. All entries must be in by March 30, 2017  @  11:59PM. GOOD LUCK! Becuase if it isn’t me… I hope it’s someone I know so I can be the one companion that get’s to come along for the ride. This really is the best job on the planet. ?


Oh, and if you haven’t subscribe to my channel yet — I will keep asking until you do!! ? xx


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