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Two words. Wear. Sunscreen.

Here is your motherly advice, pre-spring and pre-summer warning :: LATHER THE F UP. Otherwise, you will look like me after this amazing island hopping tour around Honda Bay.

The day started out promising — 5:30 AM wake up because missing a second of sunlight while in Puerto Princesa is a crime. I’ll leave the step-by-step details to the vlog…

Shoutout to the lovely people I met at Honda Bay that let me borrow their swan float ? — so much fun swim-chasing after it as the wind almost blew it away! #doitforthegram

Also, I must talk about this black burger. Besides being the best burger I have ever had in my life, it was also the most stunning. Finally, a buger that comes in my favorite color… A black squid ink bun with a massive beef patty with a boiled egg inside, topped with three cheese, pickeled onions, lettuce, tomato… I mean I could go on and on but it was seriously amazing. Considering flying across the world again just for a burger.




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