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If you weren’t aware, I lost my wallet on the third day in the Philippines! (Reference this vlog). So since I’ve been shopping around for wallet, I figured I’d share some of the ones I love with you all. Wallets are also a great gift for any recent grads in your life!

Here are a few of my picks!

Gucci :

 I am still on my Gucci-love kick. The first pick is the Limited Edition zip around wallet. Red leather + embroidery?? It’s an obvious first pick for me. However, since I have this embroidery in bag form — I am leaning toward my other choices. Next, is an original canvas GG wallet with more embroidery. The bee + stars + leather trim give it a little more personality. And lastly, the face! I actually saw it in person while shopping. At first, I didn’t love this wallet because of the pink leather trim. But pink is slowly growing on me, and I love the quirkiness of the one eye accompanied by a star and big embroidered lips.


Ahh, Alexander McQueen. I am in love with everything Alexander McQueen. Edgy, graphic, stylish. I couldn’t choose just three styles, I would own all of these if it was practical to have more than one wallet… I love that some are smaller, since I love tiny bags and the full zip around wallets sometimes don’t fit in them. I also just love the tiny skulls. Enough said.



And here are some more, all-black (sorta) options. Ribcage, stars, sunnies — all the good stuff.

So now that I have chosen wayyy too many and don’t know which to actually go with… #indecisivegirlproblems.. let me know which you like best in the comments!




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