Today we flew from Manila to Boracay ūüŹĚand I lost my wallet along the way. Halfway across the world with no money — The amazing resort manager at Astoria Current¬†and all of the staff did everything they could to make my first day in Boracay unforgettable. I cannot thank Astoria enough for all they have done. ūüôŹūüŹľ

All the while, there was an 5.9 earthquake in Manila hours after we took off for Boracay. It quickly made me realize how minuscule my problem of losing my wallet was. We are safe, Eileen’s family back in Manila is safe, and I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets in the entire world tonight ‚ú®Sometimes all you need is a little perspective. Ya win some, ya lose some. And sometimes ya lose your whole wallet ūüôÉ

Checkout the emotional rollercoaster like no other below! The sunset at the end was THE most beautiful sunset I have ever seen, great end to a crazy day.

If you ever get to visit Boracay — I highly recommend Astoria Current!!


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