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After a ~*~glorious~*~ night of sleep… I woke up to sunny Manila. Then I proceeded to edit the vlog and lounge in bed with room service. Because : jet lag.

I shockingly didn’t feel jet lagged until around 9PM — I wanted to die.

But backtracking… Eileen had the genius idea of a spa day to combat flying over multiple timezones, 12 hours in the future. Imagine this, a two hour full body massage, for $21…. YUP. I’m never leaving.

Best part, the spa is right across from my hotel so I know I will be back!

Next we went to grab some comfort food. Eileen took me to one of her favorite places called Mary Grace. It was the cutest restaurant with some serious charm. We got one of the best seats in the house, the table next to a gorgeous mosaic/holographic window. They instantly won be over when their menu said they serve breakfast all day long.

I ordered the Chicken Inasal breakfast dish which came with rice, scrambled eggs and deliciously seasoned chicken. It also came with sides of a vinegar dressing that I doused the whole dish in, mango, and tomato and onion salsa! I was too full to try their cakes + desserts that filled the restaurant with the sweetest smell.

Then we ventured around the mall and met a super-cute group of elderly men singing around a piano (def check it out below in the vlog). I love loved seeing all the different stores + food shops that were local. Also, I learned that some genius has come up with the wonut. A WAFFLE DONUT. I was too full to eat one, but the next chance I get, I am devouring one! I did grab bubble tea though, and they call the boba, “sinkers”. Is that a thing back home? Because I love it.

After walking around for a couple hours, jet lag started to sink in. I started yawing around 7pm, and if there was a bed anywhere in site I would’ve been out cold. Once I got back to the hotel I started getting so obliviously tired I passed out at 10:30PM.

Check out DAY 1 vlog below!! && subscribe and I’ll love ya forever!




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