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This rivals the meal I had originally deemed “the best meal I’ve ever had”.

Marc Forgione is a candlelit restaurant tucked away on a quiet street in Tribeca. While the romantic ambiance is achieved with the numerous candles lighting up the area, my pictures suffered due to the lack of light. The restaurant — named after its head chef and the winner of The Food Network’s Next Iron Chef — serves incredibly delectable, rich foods that not only taste great, but look beautiful as well. Presentation of food means a lot to me (if you couldn’t already tell). I have only heard great things about Marc Forgione’s restaurant and was eager to try their food.

My aunt Ria Ria, who is just as big of a foodie as I am, introduced my parents to the restaurant. I had missed out of the first few times they went, but I was lucky enough to join this time. However, because we had a party of 7 we were not able to do the delicate chef’s tasting menu. Instead, we had to dine family style. Don’t get me wrong — it was absolutely delicious but I was told that it changes the experience because the individual tasting are presented SO beautifully, I feel as though I missed out. This just means I’ll have to go again!


The most delicious rolls with herb butter. Then a bite of whitefish and cucumber, with a filled mini everything bagel.


OK, so this was the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced/had as a palate cleanser. It is called a Sechuan Button  and it numbs your tongue. I’m upset that I didn’t get a better photograph of it, but CLICK HERE to see what the whole button looks like. First, you chew it just enough to break open what’s inside, then you move it over your tongue… and a few seconds later your mouth is numb. It creates a bubbling sensation when you drink liquid afterwards.


Since it was family style, the four starters came out all at once. From top left to bottom right

— Kanpachi Tartare, Avocado, Pinenut, Saratoga Chips, Sechuan Button —

— BBQ Baked Old Salt Oyster, Aromatic Sea Salt, Pancetta Powder —

— Stokes Farm Tomatoes, Burratta Stuff from the Greenmarket —

— Parmigiano Reggiano Agnolotti, Summer Vegetables —


From left to right…

— Chili Lobster, Texas Toast —

— Bell & Evens Chicken under a Brick of Yukon Potatoes, Broccoli Rabe, Pan Drippings —

— Creekstone Farms 28 Day Dry Aged Rib Eye “Tomahawk” Steak 24 Inch, Glazed Carrot —

— The man, the myth, the legend… my father, Mark —


As if we weren’t full enough…

I didn’t get the description of the desserts — all the menu said was, “Chef’s Selection of Desserts” — but they were all to die for.

The only thing that was not perfect about Marc Forgione is that there was ZERO air conditioning… and it’s never enjoyable to eat such rich food in such a hot environment. So 6. FOOD still is in the lead!

But I do plan on going back to experience the proper tasting menu! (Probably on a cooler evening)




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