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Hey loves! I realize I have been neglecting my blog lately BUT I have a number of trips planned for the next couple of months and cannot wait to bring you guys along via the vlogs + laynefable.com!! First trip is to India! I am insanely excited and will be traveling with 25 strangers — although we’ve been in a group chat for a month so we’re all basically best friends now. There will be plenty of new faces on the vlog!

I will be doing a clothing haul with all of the clothes I picked up recently for the trip to India (+ some pieces I just had to have) so make sure so subscribe to my channel so you know when that goes live. There may also be a Pack With Me or Travel Hacks video up soon, but that would require a ton of organization to film, and we’ll see if I can pull that off.

Off to run last minute errands + pack! ((wish me luck))



PS :: If you have been to India and want to give me some tips comment below! I’d love to read them : )


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