Hey loves!! There are 13 minutes left in my 14 hour flight to New Delhi. After eating, movies (( watch Murder on the Orient Express, it is a great movie )) naps and more eating… I remembered how much I’ve been neglecting the blog and figured I’d recap the start of my first trip to India.

I overpacked of course, was rushing a little at the end because I didn’t get to test out the new Mavic Air — that’s putting it lightly, I was a mess. I charged the batteries then went to charge the controller and — DJI, WTF — your design of the charger is so wrong. There is this tiny attachment, like Juul pod size. Actually skinner than that. ANYWAYS it got stuck in the dang controller as I’m rushing to pack it all up. I hadn’t even had it for 5 hours yet and a piece already broke. But Kevin is Superman and always fixes these things for me ((seemingly always right before I go on a trip. #tbt to when my laptop spazzed out right before the Philippines..)). He’s an angel.

So once he helps to calm me down and shows he fixed it — I head downstairs to grab my laptop + say bye to Nova and Nero!! Quinn was home with his friend and they were having an argument WHILE blasting music and then proceed to tell me it’s not safe for me to be going to India with girls only — which mad be even more anxious. They meant well, I think.

So then Superman carries my bags to his car and we go get pizza. I mean, seriously he’s always saving the day.

After saying goodbye to Kev I head into the airport with my two bags + my massive snack bag. ((Shoutout Eileen!! You’d be so proud of my snack bag)) The snack bag didn’t go unnoticed. The agent helping me check in + check my bag said’ “Your friends are pretty lucky that you’re bringing all those snacks”. I laughed and offered him some — to which he declined — little did he know I planned on eating the bag of popcorn, starbursts, Oreos, twizzlers, granola bars, and fig newtons (why did I buy those, IDK) all on the 14 hour flight.

I got through security in record time. Saturday night is apparently I great time to travel. Next I called my parents, Nonna and GMA! Once I told them I was in the airport safe — I headed to meet Sydney, Sydney + Savannah at the bar. I’m sure it seems crazy to you to be flying across the world to spend 10 days with complete strangers, but we’ve been talking in a group chat for a month now. So basically, we’re best friends.

I do have to say… I was so excited + I’m loud as it is and the excitement just amplified it. I got told “I’m definitely a New Yorker”. HA and it is not a lie.

Sooo basically that’s it for now. Our plane is taxiing and then next is customs. Some of the group is already here and has been snapchatting us which is making me insanely excited. I actually love that we landed at night so it’s dark — we’ll crash at the hotel and then wake up to a whole new country in the morning. I think that is the coolest thing. Waking up in a new place.

I’ll do my best to update you guys on the blog with everything that didn’t make it to the vlog. OK.  LOVE YA’LL.  G NIGHT.





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