Just in case you’re new here or you’ve missed it — this is the story behind why I started my YouTube channel.

 It’s pretty simple. I wanted a curated time capsule. Growing up, my parents didn’t really film often. Don’t get me wrong, we have ENDLESS photos of Quinn, Shane, my Mom, Dad and I — but for me, video is where all of the emotion is — seeing things as they really were, unposed and raw. I would do anything to somehow be able to look back on how sassy I was as a 5 yr old, what my voice sounded like, how Quinn, Shane and I acted together. Because, according to the pictures, I was quite a character.

This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. BUT you get the point. 

Technically, my channel started on June 22, 2016 when Kevin, Alyssa, Yorio and I went hiking to Mohonk Preserve and we all brought GoPros to capture the crazy scramble. However, since I didn’t say one word to the camera — I consider the real start vlog #1!

My vlog started on Feb 11, 2017. I decided on my best friend’s birthday to surprise her at her job. If you have been following me for some time, you know just how much birthdays mean to me. I LOVE birthdays and making them special for the people I love. 


So that’s where it all started. I love looking back and remembering the little things I did day-to-day that I would’ve absolutely forgotten if not for these little vlogs. I never thought people would want to watch my daily recaps. Especially in the beginning when I first started doing freelance work and couldn’t afford to travel anywhere but my backyard. Now, I do feel like travel vlogs have become my favorite to create — but I love looking back at the random vlogs as well, no matter how mundane the days activities may have been. 

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