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It was so good to be back in the Philippines. This year’s trip was very different from my first visit there — 2017’s trip was my first 3-week international trip alone, first time on the continent of Asia, first time seeing Eileen in 14 years. 2018’s trip to PH was the first time I ever had any kind of “meet up” or had someone ask for my autograph (?! ((still not over that one))).


I had no idea what to expect — I honestly wasn’t even sure if anyone would show up — but meeting all of you that got the chance to attend really was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Hearing which vlog first brought you to my channel, which was your favorite, and what you’d love to see more of was so exciting to me. Knowing that documenting my daily life, no matter how mundane some days are, puts a smile on just one person’s face made me super grateful for beginning vlogging as a hobby.

In every single Q&A I ever have done I get asked at least 6 times, “When are you coming back to the Philippines!?” — I don’t have an answer to that yet. BUT I am 100% coming back to visit sooner than later. Just saving up + planning the itinerary. Obviously once I have set plans I will be let you guys know! 


A huge part of my following is from the Philippines — so THANK YOU guys for watching and all of your continued support!

Be back soon. 



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