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I’m torn between loving it and being weirded out.

As I sit here eating my iPad-ordered mimosa + grapefruit — wondering why I didn’t go for the breakfast pizza… — there are ads constantly flashing on the iPad in front of me. They’re begging me to gamble and/or order chocolate chip cookies (they must know me) while waiting for my flight to board.

Along with the iPad there are four TVs, all playing different stations, facing me as well. One is currently discussing the breaking news of the Brussels airport attack that took place this morning. Which is pretty unsettling as I wait to take off to Florida.

News has always equated to “horror stories” in my mind.

TBT to the time in 3rd grade, when we had to write three facts about our Mom, for when they came into school to celebrate Mother’s Day. The teacher would have to read all of the facts, and then have everyone guess the mom. While most kids wrote, “My mom’s favorite color is purple”, or some other standard fact — I wrote, “My mom watches horror movies every night”.  My mom rarely watched TV and didn’t watch movies, but in my 8-year-old mind,  the news that my mother watched every night before bed WAS equivalent to a “horror movie”. Quite frankly, I don’t think I was that far off. AND that was a time before random terrorist attacks we’re a commonplace.

But, back to the food — I was pleasantly surprised. The *$7* grapefruit was fresh (as it better be for $7) + the mimosa was delish. If I didn’t have to catch a flight, I’d order the breakfast pizza too!

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