This past February I took part in my first Effect.Org volunteer expedition in New Delhi. Focused on spreading awareness for Effect’s affordable private schools — fourteen strangers flew across the world and took part in a week-long expedition. It was the most eye-opening volunteer experience I have ever been a part of. This November, we are heading to Nepal to make strides to stop the cycle of sex trafficking of young children by introducing more students into Effect International’s schools. Education has the power to change EVERYTHING for future generations.

Please consider donating to this wonderful expedition. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

TO DONATE :: https://effect.org/campaign/help-layne-make-a-difference-in-nepal/

TO SEE WHERE THE FUNDRAISING GOES :: https://youtu.be/j_CAxyMjfek & https://youtu.be/OGn4tt42B14?t=1m24s

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Why Human Trafficking? 

Educational nonprofit Effect.org has been running schools in India since 2010. During their work, they noticed a decline in the numbers of female students. The organization was shocked to learn the young girls were being trafficked into the sex trade.

In the world today, 27 million people are in slavery.* Each year, thousands of young girls from vulnerable families in India and Nepal are kidnapped and forced into prostitution, adding to the slave population.

Awareness and action are everything. Across the globe we must reach out together to spread the word and make a change.

*Dept. of State, Trafficking in Persons 2013

What am I doing?

This year, Effect.org will take a group of volunteers to Nepal on a seven day expedition. We’ll learn about human trafficking first-hand by working with survivors, advocates and anti-trafficking nonprofits to understand their biggest challenges. Then, we’ll develop solutions and build innovative tools to create change during a Hackathon!






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