My first time vacationing in Virginia beach was a lot of fun! Here is what to do while visiting Virginia Beach…

Hey loves! Over Memorial Day weekend Kevin, his sister, brother, cousin and I drove down to Virginia Beach. This roughly 7 and a half hour drive (including stops) began at 12 am on a Sunday (Saturday night). The best part of an all-nighter road trip? Driving while the sun rises!!

If you ever find yourself in Virginia Beach there are a few places you must visit.


Pochahontas Pancakes. I am still drooling while thinking about the breakfasts we had here. I’m not sure if it was because I was super hungry when we ate there both times, but the food here is delishhhh. The first breakfast I ordered the Grecian Breakfast Wrap. The next morning I ordered the breakfast sampler. If you’re anything like me (AKA super indecisive), this is the way to go. The sampler had half a Belgian waffle + fruit, pancakes, scrambles eggs, turkey bacon, AND turkey sausage. The perfect breakfast for a long day at the beach!


Scrambled. This is a Mediterranean cafe with delicious light dishes. PERFECT for hot summer days! Also, they have huge mimosas and give you an option of what fruit juice to put in them… Pineapple + champagne is a game changer.


Chick’s Oyster Bar. This half indoor, half outdoor spot had some of the most delicious food + great beach-town nightlife. I highly recommend the crab cake sandwich! After you eat your dinner, head out to the bar and grab a drink under the stars while overlooking the bay!

Besides the delicious food, the beach is incredibly vast and the boardwalk is an amazing spot to run/walk/bike. Then on the main street, head to the carnival and get your best friend to get in a human hamsterball — you will not regret it. Kevin won the prize for running for a 1 minute while in it — while falling a bunch along the way. You must check it out in the vlogs! ?

Check out the vlogs below to see all of the fun & food ?





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