Here are your weekend brunch plans.

It only took me 8 years since Buvette opened to make it there and taste their small plates — but it quickly became one of my favorites. I went from ordering one plate to quickly adding multiple additional plates to taste almost the full menu. Savory, sweet — savory, sweet… am I right!?

With locations in New York, Paris, and Tokyo — you know these French small plates are of the best quality.

This cozy + quaint French bistro is the perfect escape from the cold of winter.

Everything from their (strong) cocktails to the 100% Gordon Ramsey approved scrambled eggs on my smoked salmon toast was impeccable. French chefs just really know food. And all of New York City’s West Village knows how good it is. We waited for at least 35 minutes outside just to get in. However, the wait is worth it. And the high price tag.

The two things you must order are the Salmon Fume toast + Croque Monsieur. It was the best Croque Monsieur I have ever had. Ooo, I am still dreaming about it. I didn’t get to try the prosciutto toast, but I am positive I would’ve loved that one as well! Next time.




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