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Wolf In The Woods

One of the most enjoyable dining experiences I’ve had since moving to San Diego… Wolf In The Woods is tucked away in a quiet residential neighborhood of Mission Hills.

One of the best dinners in San Diego

Wolf in the Woods is our take on classic and modern New Mexican aesthetics. By blending Native American, European, and Hispanic cultures, we have created a style uniquely beautiful in itself.


The entirety of the dining experience at Wold In The Woods in intimate with no detail left out. Impeccable service paired with the inventive dishes made this a 10/10. They even grown their own herb garden that garnish each dish right outside of their restaurant… I am a sucker for details like this.

With the menu changing seasonally // based on the freshest sourced ingredients — no item on the on the list of what we ordered during our meal is still on the menu besides the Winter Smoked Trout Roe.

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