Where to start…

Coming from a large Italian family, the importance of food has been instilled in me from a young age. My father’s rule was/still is: “You must try everything at least once before you say you do not like it”… and unfortunately for me — there aren’t many foods that I do not thoroughly enjoy.

One night, while out to dinner, my friend and I were taking numerous photos of our food prior to actually tasting devouring it. As we spoke about how we always photograph all of the food we venture out to try, she mentioned that I should start an Instagram account dedicated to my food chronicles.

Not sure why I hadn’t thought of this/acted on it sooner but now it has started. And hopefully my following is growing. Because after all, my dream is to be paid to eat/document/share all of the food I possibly can. #dreamin


So as my first food post on my site, I’ll share my first post that was featured on @canttalk_eating .


This mouthwatering Chilean sea bass satay can be found at Tao Downtown in NYC.

My favorite fish is Chilean sea bass, so this was my favorite dish of the night.




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