I purchased my Canon [Rebel T5i] last summer after my first big — by my college student standards —  paycheck. (An allusion to my horrendous addiction to shopping. However, this was a smart, long-lasting purchase — as apposed to my gladiator sandals that my dogs made sure only lasted a month.) Ever since I got my hands on my Canon I find excuses to bring it everywhere — you know, just incase. Therefore, I have turned into my mother 100%. Her biggest hobby is photography. Her portfolio is mainly comprised of endless amounts of action shots from my brothers’ and my sports events (RIP to my soccer career) and family vacation photos.

I realize that I have not only become my mother by taking thousands of photographs a weekend, but because I am featured in NONE of them. While when I was younger we used to joke about how my mom never is IN our photos because she’s the only one who takes them, it couldn’t be more true. The same has begun happening to me and may have spiked my obnoxious selfie taking habits a little… I like to have myself documented as well. Yet there is one saving grace, every once in a while Kevin will randomly pick up my camera and snap away — knowing that I love having photos of myself to keep just as much as I love taking them of everyone else.

Here is a recent shot I caught of the moon (one of my favorite subjects and things in general). I took this on a beach in Corolla, NC along the beaches of the Outer Banks at sunrise. Along side its edited counterpart.




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