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Honestly, it’s more of a 3/4 length skirt on me — but I love it just the same.

Finding the perfect midi skirt is not easy… from too much fabric, awkward length hems, to flaring too much. I got lucky and found this mesh neoprene midi on a mannequin as soon as I got off of the escalator at Bloomingdales. While I am a fan of showing off legs in short hems — especially with a summer tan — I also appreciate a more modest hem now. It’s really nice to be able to walk withoutIMG_5591 having to readjust your skirt
seventeen times a minute due to a short hem + heels. Not sure if this is me getting older or just trying out a new trend — either way, I’m liking it. The pleated mesh prevents it from being a plain circle skirt void of detail. I paired my AQUA midi with a neoprene Clover Canyon crop which mimicked the skirt’s fabric.

Quick sidenote: I love Clover Canyon, but they blocked me on Twitter ever since I replied to one of their twitpic’s saying “WTF are those pants”. Please tell me if any of you would wear these… #click …That is one trend I will absolutely never try, but hey — do you. I still am allowed to think they’re ugly.

Since the skirt was my statement piece I chose the ‘Nudist’ sandal by Stuart Weitzman (he makes the BEST shoes) to keep the focus on the skirt. I love these sandals because they are simple yet elegant. They can be worn with any outfit — and apparently you can run in them…



I kept the jewelry to a minimum as well: same sole diamond pendant necklace I never take off, diamond stud earrings, same Tacori gemstone bracelet, & rings — obviously.

So next time you have a family event that you don’t want to have your grandma ask where the other half of your dress/skirt/shorts/etc went… grab a midi skirt!






Top: Clover Canyon

Skirt: AQUA

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman


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  1. August 9, 2015 / 5:54 pm

    Wow! Great skirt. Hope ı can find one for myself. Me and my friend made a look with something similar to your crop top. Wanna check out?

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