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Dressing up, friends, family, cake, celebration — weddings are basically the best events ever.

Whether it be for a dinner, class, or work… I’d always rather be overdressed than undressed.

So when there is an actual occasion to dress up for, I get very excited. I found this dress while shopping for a birthday outfit back in August and knew it would be perfect for the fall wedding I was invited to! While I typically stay away from the majority of floral prints — when choosing a piece with florals, go with a print with large flowers. Small cluttered flowers make a dress/shirt/skirt/etc. look cheaper.

As seen in my other posts (11. FASHION, 6. FASHION), Stuart Weitzman’s Nudist Sandal is always my go-to. I didn’t want to have too much going on since the dress had such great detail. Added bonus: nothing will keep you warm/keep you looking fashionable like your date giving you his suit jacket when you get too cold.



Dress: Nirvana, Pier Village, Long Branch, NJ

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Jacket: Kevin Leithauser  ; )


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