Here are some tips that I’ve learned from mentors that have proven to be useful while applying + interviewing for internships & jobs!




Gear your resume toward your audience. If you are applying to a finance job, focus on the content more than design of your resume. However, you do want it to look polished. Be thorough but concise. This is your chance to brag about yourself a bit, just don’t overdo it. Be honest! You can fake it on your resume, but once you’re in… it will be clear what your skills are! PROTIP: In a world where everything is becoming electronic, stand out — email AND bring a hard copy of your resume and CV. I always print mine on a higher grade paper and put in a large black envelope (now you know my secrets). There is something much more personal about a piece of paper in your hands rather than reading a document on a screen. It is MUCH easier to overlook an email (I can’t be the only one who gets at least 1,000 spam emails a day). When someone takes the time to mail or drop something off to the company’s building, there is a greater chance of it being seen!

I learned this first hand this summer — make yourself stand out!




Nothing is worse than a weak handshake, make sure your handshake is firm (but don’t Hulk crush their hand). Smile. Smile. Smile. Would you want to work with somebody who never smiles? (If your answer is yes, then we are not on the same page). It will also help calm your nerves if the person interviewing you is cheesin’ back as a result of your smile. Don’t forget: the person interviewing you has been in your spot, it helps to calm nerves as well. Listen to their questions and think about it for a second. It’s not a speed test on how quickly your answer comes out! Make sure to answer their question to the best of your ability, not just blurt something out. (I tend to speak quickly when I’m excited/nervous so maybe you guys do too!)

office spaceTHREE : OFFICE SPACE


While interviewing make sure to be observant. You will most likely know the second you walk in if you will fit in/enjoy your potential time at that company. Take notice of how the office space is set up and what vibes other employees are giving off. While you may not have a corner office with a huge window, observe how the desks/offices/cubicles/tables are set up. I am not telling you to be picky, because we do not have that luxury being interns or entry-level employees — but DO envision yourself at that company and setting and decide if it is a place you can thrive. I think it is important to be comfortable at the place you work — not to say that you always will be 100% of the time.




Secretaries, employees, bosses — save ’em all. Even if an interview doesn’t go your way, save that contact! Just because you weren’t hired doesn’t mean they hated you. While you may not have been chosen for that position, there is always potential for doing business with them in the future through your next job.

Test these tricks out and let me know how they work for you!



Got a little less Short & Sweet with this post but I had to share everything with you guys.

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  1. Mark
    September 23, 2015 / 12:02 pm

    Well Done. You’ve got some really good mentors!

  2. Mark C. Fable
    September 23, 2015 / 12:04 pm

    If someone can see your entire post via email, they may not click through do you still get the hits/visits?

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