It’d be easy if all you needed for beach days was a bikini and some sunscreen — but in reality, there is a checklist of things you need while bummin’ it at the beach all day. (Especially a drive-on beach) In order of importance: bikini, sunscreen/oil, sunglasses, hair clip, big floppy hat, Mike’s Hard, lace flare pants, beach bag, Flash Tattoos, flip-flops, and a camera, DUH.

Obviously the bikini is the most important — unless your into those nude beaches… but I don’t think sans bikini would’ve went over well on the boyfriend’s family’s vacation!

Sunscreen used to be optional to me, until I realized how completely stupid that was. And now I have 5x the beauty marks I used to & tons of freckles, but I kind of like them so, oh well.

Sunglasses are a must if you don’t want to go blind — I like oversized sunglasses for the beach so they cover your whole eye socket to minimize the chance of having your eyelids burnt.

If you have long hair like I do, you understand the need to get it off of your neck/back when it’s 80+ degrees.

Big floppy hats are necessary to help disguise the shade you’ll be throwing at your boyfriend when he ignores your request for getting in your selfie so you don’t look like a loser (JK I really don’t care, selfies for days).

Mike’s Hard are like liquid candy — enough said.

I have an obsession with these lace pants, however, I do wish they stopped making all pants for giants, because us midgets have a hard time finding ones that fit! I need to start keeping an eye out for petite cuts!

I love using the bags that you get with Free People purchases as beach bags because they’re super thin and there we no pockets for sand to get stuck in.

Lastly, I love Flash Tattoos because I admire tattoos other people have but I could never get one myself. First, because I am so indecisive that I would decide on one, get it, and two weeks later want to scratch my skin off because I’m over it/should’ve gone with something else. Secondly, if I ever got a real tattoo my parents would disown me. I’ve actually had dreams that I got random tattoos and my family stopped talking to me… I really could have a blog that solely focuses on my crazy-ass, vivid dreams. Genuinely wish I could record my dreams and then sell them as movies — I’d make bank.

Flip-flops are really optional.

Realistically I could have put the camera at the top of the list because I like to bring that e v e r y w h e r e  but I know that’s not usually what people need at the beach.

Anyways, here’s were to get what I’m wearing!… besides the hat, I got that in Mexico years ago.



Bikini: L Space, South Moon Under, Tice’s Corner, NJ

Pants: Roxy, South Moon Under, Tice’s Corner, NJ

Top & Complementary Bag: Free People

Sunglasses: BCBG

Flash Tats: Flash Tattoos


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