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The Golden Hour — or The Magic Hour — is the best time to take photographs. Either the first hour of light after sunrise, or the last hour of light before sunset produces the perfect soft, diffused light. This warm touch of light is much more flattering than the harsh midday sun. Photographing anything at this time is like adding Instagram’s Toaster filter to the photo. The speed at which the sun rises causes the colors to progress rapidly as well — so each photo taken in 5 minute increments will have slight changes. I have them in reverse order, the photograph above was taken 6 minutes after the one below. You can see how the sun had risen higher and the sky/surrounding colors had gotten brighter. These photos — along with the other 400 I took — were taken July 10th at 6:22AM and 6:28AM along the Outer Banks in Corolla, North Carolina.


In addition to the golden hour, my favorite theme — nature — offers organic shapes and textures in these photographs. The glow around the sun along with the circular shapes made my the waves help to create organic movement through each photograph’s composition. I chose to post about these photos of the sunset that had Kevin and Anthony’s silhouettes because they add another element to the ordinary sunrise photo. Now you may disagree that sunrises/sunsets are cliché — but I’ve photographed them so many times that I’ve become a bit jaded. But that isn’t to say you won’t see more sunrise/sunset photographs on here!




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