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22 ON THE 22ND

Birthday’s are pretty much week-long celebrations in my house. & since this is my star (or golden) birthday, I’m definitely taking full advantage of it!

My Mom + Dad have always made our birthdays very special from our tradition of a “birfday brefkiss” (little kids and their mispronunciations…) to birthday signs to parties to dinner celebrations. While some people hate birthdays — it has been programmed into me to always make a big deal of loved one’s bdays. Age is just a number people — I mean, I’m 22 and look like I’m 13 most of the time…

This year the celebration started at Lake Teedyuskung in Pennsylvania thanks to Yorio (THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT WEEKEND) and Kevin surprising my with a delish cookie cake on Saturday! I wore a black dress from Ludovia.

Last night we went to Varka for dinner to celebrate the Birthday Eve.

I wore a Cotton Candy LA mini dress + Stuart Weitzman Nudist heels! I couldn’t find that exact dress online but a similar one is linked HERE. I mimicked the deep V neckline with a Meira T dagger necklace and borrowed my Mom’s pink opal Ela Rae necklace and wore it as a bracelet. Along with the adorable party hat clip my mom found! I found a similar one for you guys HERE.



P.S. The black dress above will be featured in an upcoming post! So keep an eye out!



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