One of my favorite boutiques recently launched their online shop!

Ludovica is a boho-chic style boutique found in the center of the Five Corners in Westwood, NJ. Stocked with brands that you will not find in every department store (Like Cotton Candy LA), this boutique has curated a style of it’s own. There is never a time I walk in to Ludo that I leave without purchasing something. Ludovica offers some of the best shopping in this area.

I have bought everything from my favorite plain black tees, their unique accessories and some of my favorite dresses from Ludo. This is also my first stop when buying presents for birthdays! From the friendly and helpful owner, Lara, and staff to the detailed accent decor, everything about this store is inviting. And if you do not live in the area or simply don’t have time to visit the store — you can now shop all of Ludovica online!

Check out my favorite piece for early Fall : LUDOVICA FALL FAVORITE


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