Dresses + embellished jackets = major sweet spot for me this fall.

I love this ‘shirt jacket’ so much I may have to buy it in all colors found : HERE. The dress : HERE. While my go-to is throwing it over a dress, it also looks great paired with cutoff jeans, my favorite tee ever, and clean white cons if dresses aren’t your style. Although, I never quite understood how people can look at someone wearing a dress and say, “You are so dressed up!”, when all you have to do is throw on underwear + one piece of clothing instead of coordinating a full outfit. Just sayin’.

This jacket resembles denim in photos but it is 100% cotton and super soft — which will be perfect when the days and nights become cooler! The luxe beading is only on one shoulder which keeps it from being overpowering.

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  1. Joseph
    February 24, 2020 / 7:15 am

    Layne Fable I love you so much I’m a big fan I’m subscribed to you on YouTube but right now I’m kind of jobless and I really really love your shirt I’m no one cares shirt and I just received your podcasting for you too and I’m super excited and my birthday is coming up and I just been having a lot of problems lately and I really really do love you I just wanted to let you know like I’m Filipino and I’m so proud and I watch most of your videos on YouTube so I just wanted to let you know mahal ko ang fashion no.

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