I wish I was out West…

This duster embodies Western style but with a refined touch. Super-soft burnt orange suede with pale blue embroidery is the perfect piece for effortless Fall style.

Styled over a casual dress or jeans + plain white tee — this duster elevates any outfit. It is light enough so you won’t overheat during the hottest part of the day, but it will keep you warm when the temperature begins to dip in the evening. While I had booties picked out for this outfit — I fell victim to the rookie mistake of wearing brand new shoes (I was just to excited to wear them) to work the night before so I resorted to my trusty, casual and comfy Converse.

You guys can find the duster : HERE (via Ludovica’s Henna Party). A similar[ish] dress : HERE. Chanel Boy Bag : HERE. Classic cons : HERE.  The black wrap bracelet that never leaves my wrist : HERE. Stella McCartney Sunnies : HERE. Dagger Necklace: HERE. And the beautiful backdrop : HERE.

S&S MORAL : Don’t wear brand new shoes to a 5 hr work event, ever + let’s be real… for every one of the great shots, there are at least 10 of these:


 #honestyisthebestpolicy #italktoomuch





A HUGE thank you to Victoria Poplaski for doing an amazing job with my makeup & Alyssa Poplaski for taking these gorgeous photos!!! Love you guys.?


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