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I was lucky enough to spend Sunday afternoon at Warwick Winery. With perfect weather and even better company, this will be a hard Sunday Funday to top. I’d say don’t go and crowd one of my new favorite places — but I’m clearly very late to the party, and the word has already gotten out been out for a while…

I’ve had multiple people tell me I would absolutely love Warwick Winery (the atmosphere, scenery, and specifically the pizza) and they were beyond right.

The rolling hills of apple trees, grass lawns, and rose bushes made for the perfect weekend getaway. Every single person in the massive crowd that gathered at Warwick Winery this past Sunday had a gleaming smile on their face. (Except the people behind us on the Café line since we got the very last pizza served that day. #lucky  This reminded me of when  I got the last tickets into The Museum of Ice Cream‘s opening day this Summer!) I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to visit the winery, but I am so glad I finally did!

The pizza was to die for. And so were the truffle fries + meat and cheese plates. I was actually very surprised by the quality of the food. Not that I expected it to be bad but it exceeded my expectations.

S&S MORAL : When people tell you multiple times that you’ll love something, chances are that you will.

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