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I am going to be writing the next few posts from vacation! This summer we are visiting Martha’s Vineyard — an island off of Massachusetts — the origin of the best summer vacations and Fable childhood memories. This piece is dedicated to the snack bar that we would always stop at prior to hopping on the ferry over to MV. They’re known for their fried, but fresh sea food.

However, my favorite is the lobster roll. Made perfectly with substantial pieces of freshly-caught lobster, surrounded by a perfectly warm, toasted buttered bun. I don’t love fried food but the fried clams are a must! As you eat you lookout over the beautiful Mystic River. Yesterday we got there just as the sun was setting, turning the clouds into cotton candy.

They opened an ice cream bar right next door — and of course my dad and I couldn’t resist.

And so the nostalgic MV trip beings…

   … Nova & Nero came along for this trip too : )




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