I often stay away from all prints.

If they are not done right, I think they can look very cheesy. For instance, leopard print — which can only be pulled off by few people on select fabrics. However, once in a while I come across a piece like this Maje skirt that makes me second-guess my disinterest in prints.

I paired this graffiti skirt with one of my favorite staple pieces: Clover Canyon Crop (Also seen in 6. FASHION). This is my go-to with many of my high-waisted pieces because 1. It is black 2. It is just the right length.

As if the print wasn’t loud enough — being doused in confetti definitely made people look : THE CONFETTI PROJECT.



Top: Clover Canyon

Skirt: Maje

Shoes: ASH

Bracelet: Chan Luu



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