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Bici Restaurant in Ramsey New Jersy is a MUST!

Where to start… where to start…

There is not one thing that I would change about Bici. From the incredible service to the beautifully plated, and delicious food — Bici is perfect for every occasion.

It is a BYOB which is great if you have your own wine collection at home — and if you forget a bottle, there is a liquor store just down the street!

The first thing we tasted was their olive oil, infused with mint, tarragon, thyme, rosemary, and basil. Insanely good, and now I will be infusing my own olive oil at home!

We started with an order of Burrata to share, and each got our own appetizer — then we shared bites of each! In reality, my mom and I attacked my dad’s. He ordered the Malfatti which is my first MUST ORDER of the night. Bici has its own spin on traditional dishes like Malfatti + Arancini. Their Malfatti is deconstructed. Delicious ricotta warmed to perfection, over delectable tomato sauce then topped with perfectly sautéed spinach. The Arancini is also another must-have! Instead of plain rice, it is made with their marvelous Chianti risotto.

Make sure you leave make room for dessert. The cioccolatini sampler is perfect if you’re like me and would order three desserts if you could just to try them all. Flourless chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and white chocolate truffles — all to die for! The tiramisu is incredible and is perfectly plated.




Chianti Risotto



Cioccolatini (sampler)


(basically everything on the menu)

And while I can go on and on about the food, the service was equally flawless. I have never felt more welcomed at any restaurant. The owner, Marcello, made sure to stop at every table to see how everyone’s meal was going and chat. Our waiter, Tim, was wonderful as well.

I am going to be going back until I have tasted every dish on the menu ? so look out for future posts on Bici!



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