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Possibly my favorite place in the States.

I had visited Sedona once when I was 13. But being a bratty little 13 year old who didn’t understand how cool it was to be traveling somewhere like that with her family — I totally took it for granted. So when my friends and I planned an AZ road trip, I was so excited that I would be going back to Sedona.

 Sedona is a desert resort town surrounded by marvelous red rocks. Known for its mild climate, ever-changing scenery and one of a kind vortex energy. When I asked our uber driver if she ever got sick of the view of the stunning red rocks, she replied: “Never. It is a different view at each hour of the day”.

I would love to live here for 6 months and hike a new portion of the red rocks each day. Dreams…


  • Hike Devil’s Bridge.
  • Sip on Prickly Pear Margaritas at The Enchantment Resort. They’re as delicious as they are gorgeous.
  • Visit one of the Vortexes.
  • Go to the Acai Bowl Drive Through. (Not as impressive as the above, but seriously impressive).
  • Get lost in the red rocks.

Have you ever been to Sedona? Let me know below in the comments!

If you haven’t checked out the Sedona vlog yet, here it is! ::




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