Such an amazing experience shooting the rapids + rafting underneath the Pagsanjan Falls.

I had so much fun editing this vlog and reliving this day. We ended up at the rapids + Pagsanjan Falls because the numerous earthquakes Manila had been having meant trekking the volcano may not have been safe. Everything happens for a reason because this was even better than a trek to the volcano since it was such a hot day.

We took a peaceful boat ride through the jungle, followed by intense rafting underneath the waterfall. Everything done today was a first time for me! Shooting the rapids was craaaazy. I was absolutely amazed at the strength and coordination of our boatmen — the only way to fully understand is to watch the vlog —

After driving for 3 hours through the countryside south of Manila, we arrived at Pagsanjan Falls! Pagsanjan Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the Philippines. I’m not sure which I was more impressed with — shooting the rapids to the falls or the waterfall itself! If you find yourself in Manila, plan a day trip to Pagsanjan Falls!

I also had the pleasure of experiencing Filipino traffic for the first time… It is no joke.




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