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Hey loves!!!

Shane and I tested out these Carbon Coco activated charcoal products and filmed the whole thing.

Carbon Coco is an Austrailian brand that creates all-natural, cruelty-free oral care products. They sent me the activated charcoal tooth polish + toothpaste. They differentiate their activated charcoal powder by using organic coconut activated charcoal which is then finely milled with a hint of Lemon Myrtle + Bentonite Clay. It is the perfect little detox for your mouth! The toothpaste is fluoride free + bubbles like no other!

For my full review click the video below!!

Please let me know what you think in the comments of the video! And if you havent subsribed to my channel yet… fix that ASAP ?




P.S. HUGE thank you to Carbon Coco for sending me their amazing products. I had a lot of fun testing them out! There will be a follow-up after 14 days of using it so keep an eye out for that in the upcoming vlogs!


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