For my dad’s birthday we had the most incredible dinner at Chef Eric LeVine’s Morris Tap & Grill. We had the privilege of sitting at the kitchen bar and seeing Chef LeVine work his magic firsthand. Along with witnessing all the handwork that goes on in  MTG’s kitchen.

You must make your way to either of Eric LeVine’s restaurants MTG // PTT for insanely delicious meals.

With 8 absolutely amazing courses we had to be rolled out of the kitchen afterwards.

Tuna tartare in poppyseed spoons… cured in-house meats and cheeses… salmon four ways… duck duck duck… lamb over potatoes… LeVine’s own butternut squash ravioli over bacon-wrapped pork loin… braised short rib over mashed potatoes + shrimp over risotto…

All the the food was to die for, but I knew anything called a “dessertscape” was bound to be my favorite.

I always appreciate Chef LeVine’s presentation of food and the dessertscape followed suit. It was a creative piece of edible art. I don’t see how anything can top this, seeing as it combined my two favorite things: art and food. The dessertscape is created on the spot, right on the table’s surface — never done the same way twice. Sauces, three flavors of mousse, crumbled cookies, chocolate crunchies, candied walnuts, dulce de leche, peanut butter filled cronut, créme brûlée, toasted Fluff.

I’m still daydreaming about this meal.



If you can’t make it to the NJ restaurants, you can order Chef Eric’s ravioli here!



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