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Vintage camera. Film. Negatives. Darkroom.

I signed up for ‘Photography I’ as one of my last Visual Art courses at Fordham University. I was a bit intimidated since I’ve only worked with digital photography prior to this class. However, I am so glad I am currently learning this — almost — lost art form.

It entails a lengthier process and less instant-gratification than digital photography, but the finished product is SO worth it. As your white resein-coated paper is floating around in the bin filled with developing chemicals and the first, faint sight of your photo begins to appear… you can’t help but be excited. It’s like magic.

I am actually angry at myself for waiting until my last semester here at FCLC to take advantage of the amazing darkroom + facilities we have here. I can’t wait to show you guys  my prints throughout the (rest of the) semester.

If you have the opportunity — take film photography!



P.S. I’ll share more of my photos in the next PHOTOGRAPHY posts.

P.S.S The final, matted and framed, prints make great gifts too! : )


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